Regional Chairman Flyer

Well, here is our little brochure for tonight’s meeting or meetings.  I say meeting or meetings because late yesterday I found out that I my be in the Central Region instead of the Southern Region.  Thus, the flyer has the generic “Regional Vice Chairman” instead of “Vice Chairman for the Central Region” or “Vice Chairman for the Southern Region.”  Regardless of the outcome, I will go to the Botetourt meeting tonight.  However, if I am in the Southern Region, then I will go to the Botetourt and Roanoke County meetings.  Party politics certainly is interesting!

That said, if I end up in the Central Region, I will need the help of my friends in Lynchburg, Amherst, Bedford, Botetourt, City of Lexington, and Rockbridge, among perhaps a few other localities.  I will post more information as soon as I can.

(P.S. — Keep in mind, this is a tri-fold. So, it may look a little weird when viewed like this, but hopefully it makes more sense when printed!)