Instruments for the Infliction of Ignorance

A great couple of quotes from Written on the Heart: The Case for Natural Law: First, in writing of the deplorable state of higher education in our civilization, Budziszewski asserts that:

What educated people now call common sense is largely a collection of dogmas pumped in from the outside.  Because these dogmas are often pumped in under the guise of liberation from dogma, they pass unrecognized.  We are entering a strange era in which, in some respects, the educated know less than the completely uneducated.[1]

In a footnote to that passage, he writes, “[a]lthough, thanks to television, compulsory government-run schooling and other instruments for the infliction of ignorance, the uneducated are catching up.”[2]

Wonder what other instruments for the infliction of ignorance should be included on that list?

[2] Id. at 236.