Liberty Law Receives Full ABA Approval!

The Liberty University School of Law received full ABA approval earlier today.  You can read the official announcement from the University here

This is great news and the culmination of hard work and dreams that extend to before my birth.  When Dr. Falwell in 1971 founded Liberty University, the dream of a law school was a primary part of his vision for Liberty.  Now, we have reached the point of full ABA accreditation.  The Lord be praised!

It is a humbling privilege to serve as a professor of law and be a part of God’s work at Liberty Law.  We are one of the few law schools in the world striving to understand and teach the law from a distinctly evangelical Christian worldview.  May God help us and grace us to play some part in His establishing justice in the earth so that the distant coastlands will hope in His law.  (Is. 42:4)