How would you use that gift of time?

My wife has a great post on her blog this morning.  You can read it here.  Actually, I think all of her posts are great.  So, why I am blogging about her blog today in particular?  Because I want to issue a challenge to any men who might venture over there and read it.

Basically stated, her argument is that women should not insist that their husbands do household chores and thereby neglect their callings.  That egalitarianism, she suggests, might be one of the reasons we don’t see vast numbers of great men rising up in our times to lead their families, churches, and the nation as a whole.  That is a great point.  It also lines up with a number of posts I have made here about egalitarianism, the husband as theologian of the family, privatizing your faith, etc.  You can search for them on this blog using the search box if you are interested.

Here is the challenge to men: if your wife were to follow my wife’s advice, what would you do?  Would you say, “Great, now I have more time to play video games!” or “Wonderful, now I can finally get NFL Sunday Ticket and never miss a game!”?  Or, would you devote the time to studying God’s word so that you can be the theologian of your home?  Perhaps you could spend some time reading some really good, nonfiction, non-self-help books that would help you be a better leader at home, in the church, and in society at large?

How would you use that gift of time?  May I suggest your answer will reveal a lot about whether you are worthy to receive it.